A Pinterest Break

Originally posted March 8, 2018 on our previous website platform.


So many lovely patterns so little time!

It is easy to become drawn into the world of Pinterest. So many great ideas; food, family, fitness and my favourite crafting. Don't get me wrong, I love to see new patterns and new ideas.

The problem too much pinning, too little doing.

As winter comes to an end and some small signs of spring have started to appear.  I saw grass in my backyard this week!!! I have started thinking about spring cleaning. My friend Marly over at Cleaning by Design has been posting a daily tip to help declutter and clean your home in the month of March.  You can find Cleaning by Design here https://cbdmuskoka5.wixsite.com/cbdm and on Facebook.

Marly's posts had me thinking about not only spring cleaning and decluttering of my home and our ever growing collection of items required for the fourth generation, but also decluttering and reorganizing my online presence. So step one here we go....I have decided to stop pinning. I know, I know, it can't be true, no more Pinterest. Let me be clear, I'm going to stop pinning not stop using Pinterest. My plan is to actually use my existing pins to add to my inventory of products for our craft sales and farmers markets.

I have been thinking about this for a while, yes odd things run through my mind while up nursing a baby late at night. Seems like a great idea. Seems, being the operative word. Then I went on to my Crocheting and Knitting board. Wowzers!!! I had over 1000 pins. What on earth was I thinking pinning that many things. I decided in order to wrap my head around this many pins I needed to organize them in some way.

Then I noticed that Pinterest now offers a way to organize your board into subcategories.  For the meticulously organized (as I aspire to be), this is wonderful news!  Seemed simple enough just organize things right. I started feverishly putting pins into categories I created. However, had I stopped to take a breath, I would have realized I needed to think this through for a minute in order to make it the most effective system possible. My problem was what would I do with a Cinderella inspired hat. It's a hat, it's Disney, it's something I want to make for my daughter. How to decided....

Even better you can copy pins into multiple categories!

Problem solved.

Here are a few screen shots of my list so far

This makes me feel much better! An organized Amanda is a happy Amanda.

Keeping checking in on me at 3 Generation Crafters to see which pinned pattern I have decided to try next.

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