Crafting is something we have always done as a family. Grandma started knitting and crocheting as a young woman. She passed the knowledge and skill set on to her daughter Karen. After years of persuading and encouraging (perhaps insisting), now both Grandma and Auntie Karen are teaching the third generation, that’s me, Amanda.

We are a family of avid crocheters, making items from dolls and toys, to hats and mittens to full size afghans. While knitting is something that still baffles me,  the third generation, both Grandma and Auntie Karen are experts. They often create their own patterns and designs and make just about anything you can imagine.

Our handmade items can be found on our Etsy page found here, on our Facebook page found here, and also at local farmers markets and events in the Almaguin Highlands area.  Please see our Sales Venues page for the most up to date sale locations.

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Amanda, third generation crafter